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Sunday, 21 June 2020

Alabama High School Students Name NASA Mars Helicopters

Nasa'S American Space agency, named  "Ingenuity " for its revolutionary new Mars helicopter. The name was proposed by Vaneeza Rupani, Tuscaloosa County High School student in Alabama.

Rupani proposed the name and explained the motivation behind the name in the NASA essay contest  "Name the Rover. " The contest asked participants to name the helicopter and explorer Mars which will be combined when departed for the Red Planet, possibly later this year.

Last March, NASA chose the name  "Perseverance " For Mars Explorers, based on essays by students from Virginia. They returned to the essays that came in to also choose a name for the helicopter.

Hubble Telescope, 30 Years Observe Space

Friday (4/24) marks 30 years since the Hubble Telescope, the first optical telescope in space, was sent into orbit.

Hubble was launched into orbit by boarding the shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990 and then being positioned by the shuttle crew.

The telescope, which took the name of American astronomer Edwin Hubble, was made because astronomers in the US space agency NASA wanted an observatory that was free of the Earth's atmosphere and the light produced by humans.

But the initial excitement about Hubble soon turned to disappointment when it was discovered that the Telescope's primary mirror was made incorrectly, thus obscuring hubling's optics.

Australia will Force Google, Facebook to Pay for News Content

Australia says Facebook and Google will soon have to pay news media for their content.

Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg announced Monday (20/4) that the government monitoring organization, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), will launch a mandatory code of conduct next July that will discuss disparities between the news media and internet giant companies in terms of online advertising revenue. Facebook and Google accept almost all online advertisements spent in Australia.

The new rules will be enforced following 18 months of talks with US technology companies about voluntary codes of conduct failing to produce an agreement. Australia will be the third Western country to implement such a plan, following similar steps by Spain and France.

Australian media companies lost millions of advertising revenue in the last month alone due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Facebook issued a statement that the company was  "disappointed " by the government's decision, saying it had started investing millions of dollars in the Australian news industry, while Google said it would continue to work with Australian news media, the ACCC and the government, to compile a code of conduct.

Artificial Intelligence in Technology Will Increase Unemployment?

Many people worry that increasing the use of robots in our daily lives will only increase the amount of unemployment. Many advantages possessed by robots, for example, can work without stopping, never complaining or asking for salary.

An example of using robots that have taken over thousands of human jobs is in the car industry. When we go to a modern car factory, most of the work is done by robots, from printing parts of car bodies, welding and assembling to painting cars.

All of that work was done by humans, but robots can do it more quickly and efficiently.

There are obviously workers or laborers affected by this automation. But This is not the first, and certainly not the last. Still remember the telephone system in the 1950s? When It is to call someone, the owner of the telephone at home picks up the receiver and he will be connected to the operator at the telephone office. This will connect your telephone to the telephone number requested.

2 NASA Astronauts, 1 Russian Cosmonaut Return to Earth

Two astronauts from the US Space Agency (NASA) and a Russian cosmonaut landed Friday in Kazakhstan after months of being on the International Space Station (ISS).

Astronauts Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir and Russian Space Agency Cosmonaut Roscosmos Oleg Skripochka left the ISS with the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft Friday morning (17/4).

Three hours later, the three landed with parachutes on the steppes in Kazakshtan, outside the remote town of Dzhezkazgan. After a post-landing inspection, the three were flown by helicopter to the Russian Space Center in Baikonur.

Morgan's 272-day mission began on July 20, 2019, while Meir and Skripochka left Earth on September 25 last year. 

Australian People Urged to Use the Corona Positive Tracking Application

Australians are urged to install controversial applications on cellphones that will track their movements, while a number of top state officials have warned Friday that people's lives will be confined for another year due to the corona virus outbreak.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said downloading the smartphone software-which denounced civil liberties advocacy groups as an invasion of privacy-was initially voluntary. However, he refused to remove the possibility of requiring the use of the application called  "TraceTogether ".

Morrison said the ability to detect the potential of new Corona virus spreads was an important part of giving officials confidence to start loosening social distancing policies.

 "I call on Australians to download it, solely for national service, " Morrison told Triple M. Radio station.  "This is unusual in normal situations, but This is an abnormal situation. If you download it, you save the lives of others. "

'Global Hack' Looking for Solutions to Overcome Pandemic

The internet is the only way that allows people to work, study and share ideas online. While billions of people stay home to avoid transmission of the Corona virus,

The Internet can also present opportunities, organizers say ' Global Hack '.

' Global Hack ' is a virtual gathering of hundreds of thousands of people in 50 countries that takes place on 9-11 April. There is a prize for the initiator of the best ideas for new platforms, applications and innovations and the prize will be given on Sunday (12/4).

Apple-Google Utilizes Mobile Phones to Track Corona Transmission

Apple and Google launched a joint effort to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing smart phone technology.

The new software the company plans to add to mobile phones will make it easier to use Bluetooth wireless technology to track people who might have contracted the virus from people who have the virus but are not sick, commonly called carriers.

Pentagon Take out Guidelines for Using the Zoom Application

The U.S. Department of Defense issued new guidelines on the use of the popular video conferencing application, Zoom, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned last week about security issues and Vo'S report on Thursday (9/4) stated that the military and government employees continued to use the application.

In an e-mail to VOA on Friday, a Pentagon spokesman said,  "Users in the Department of Defense (DOD) cannot host meetings using the Zoom application, free or commercially. "

South Africa's Cellular Health Application Gives Corona Information Access to Millions of Citizens

The WhatsApp-based application developed by a South African organization gives millions of people access to the latest corona virus information worldwide

When the virus spread, created digital tools for people in developing countries so that their health and welfare improved. One of the most successful is MomConnect, a cellular service for pregnant women to get important information about pregnancy and connect them to a number of services.

Gustav Praekelt, founder of, observed something similar to the need for information about the corona virus. The South African government provides hotline numbers, but is unable to serve large numbers of calls and disinformation that spreads quickly.

"We are worried that the application users do not have access to reliable sources of information," Praekelt told VOA.

 "So people hear rumors and stories that panic and worry about what needs to be done, to keep themselves healthy, especially as regional quarantine starts to take effect. "

The WhatsApp-based COVID-19 Health Warning application is a channel that offers help with the latest data and automatic responses to common questions in various languages. In the first 10 days, the application reached 3.5 million users. The With the World Health Organization (WHO), Praekelt created a similar program to reach individuals globally.

One of its main objectives is to fight disinformation related to pandemics.

US Citizens Use 3D-Printers to Create N95 Masks

Jeremy Filko, a citizen from Virginia, United States, makes protective masks for medical workers by using a three-dimensional printing machine, or 3D Printer.

This was done voluntarily. He did not charge fees to the medical officers and the first emergency response officers who received them, even he even bore the costs of shipping.

Filko did this because the supply of N95 type masks used by medical personnel was experiencing shortages. As a result, medical personnel were forced to use the mask repeatedly. In fact, masks like that can only be used once.

Filko said 114 other people across America who owned a 3D printer had followed suit to make the mask.

US Cyber ​​Security Experts Observe Surges of Hacking Efforts by China

A US cyber security company said Wednesday it had detected a surge in new cyber espionage suspected by China since the end of January, when the corona virus began to spread outside China.

FireEye Inc. In a report said it had found a surge in activity from a hacking group dubbed  "APT41 " Since January 20, 2020 which targeted more than 75 customers, from producers and several media companies to a number of non-profit and health organizations.

FireEye Security Architect, Christopher Glyer said, some  "possible explanations " for the surge in activity refer to long-standing tensions between America and China about trade, and recent disputes over the Corona virus outbreak, which has killed more than 17.000 people since the end of last year.

Recruiting Technology Volunteers for COVID-19 Opponents in Ethiopia

A software developer based in Washington DC is trying to recruit other technicians to deal with the spread of the Corona virus in his home country, Ethiopia. The move follows the footsteps of other countries such as China and South Korea who have experience in dealing with the disease that is now a global pandemic.

 "We need lots of technology volunteers to help the Ethiopian Ministry of Health collect, analyze and report to the agency so We can help them when needed, " wrote Mike Endale.

 "The better the system of data collection, analysis, reporting, the better the response and the more effective the mitigation strategy. "

Live Corona Quarantine, US Men 'Attend' Her Daughter's Marriage via Robot

A father was quarantined at a US Navy base in California and could not directly attend his daughter's wedding hundreds of kilometers away in Arizona. But He was present through ' robot TelePresence, ' by directing the robot's movements, greeting guests and watching his daughter dance at the wedding. As more and more people around the world restrict themselves out of the house due to the Corona virus, they also become creative in continuing to take part in the big moments of their lives.

Among the thousands of people trapped on the Grand Princess cruise ship, Joel Young, a contractor technician in the ship's lighting section, was one of those who underwent quarantine due to the corona virus outbreak.

Twitter bans Corona Virus posting at risk

Social media giant Twitter has imposed new regulations in an effort to tackle misinformation about the corona virus outbreak.

The company said it would require users to delete posts that could make people more likely to contract or transmit the virus.

Examples of prohibited content include tweets that refute expert guidance, or that encourage the public to use fake or ineffective methods of treatment, prevention and diagnostics.

Apple closes all stores outside China until March 27

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Saturday (3/14), Apple will temporarily close its retail stores around the world over the next two weeks, responding to increasing fears of a corona virus pandemic.

 "We will close all retail stores outside Greater China until March 27, " Cook wrote in a statement released on Friday (3/13).

 "One of the lessons is the most effective way to minimize the risk of virus transmission is to reduce density and maximize social distance. "

Their Online shop will remain open. Likewise the  "Apple Store " Application.

As of Saturday (3/14), the Corona virus pandemic has infected more than 145.000 people worldwide, and the death toll has surpassed 5.400. There are more than 2.000 confirmed cases in the US, and 50 deaths related to COVID-19.

Cook also said, Saturday (3/14), via Twitter that his company was committed to donating $15 million to help with recovery worldwide.

 "At work and in society, we must do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, " he tweeted.

Apple has around 500 retail stores worldwide, half in the US.

At the height of the outbreak in China, the company temporarily closed all of its stores in mainland China, where the disease was first discovered.

The Apple CEO, in a statement, said his company had learned a lesson from the plague in China. And He was especially grateful to his team in China for  "Extraordinary efforts to restore our supply chain. " 

US Senator Proposes Government Employees Are Prohibited To Use TikTok

A Senator, USA, Wednesday (4/3), proposed a legislation that would prohibit government employees from using the TikTok social media application on government-owned equipment.

Josh Hawley said at a hearing in Congress, data collected by the Chinese application, and possibly being used by the Chinese government, posed a great risk to the security of the American people.

He said similar restrictions had been imposed on several major federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Hawley did not say when he would introduce the bill.

This effort is the latest security oversight for TikTok, which allows its users to post and watch short videos.

TikTok itself has denied the possibility that the data collected by the application will be used by the Chinese government. The company said data from users of the application in the US would be stored in the US, and not be part of Chinese government jurisdiction.

The company said it understood the concern, but he said the accusations were baseless. The company executives have tried to contact US legislators in an effort to explain the company's policies. 

Survey: Americans Are Worried About Facebook's Strong Effect

The results of a survey showed, Monday (2/3), most Americans believe Facebook has "too much power." But many will be disappointed if the social networking giant disappears.

According to a survey of "trust in technology" for the online technology news magazine, The Verge, as many as 72 percent of respondents think Facebook has too much power, even though their views on Facebook are quite diverse.

The survey, reported by the AFP news agency, showed nearly half of 1,123 respondents expressed their concern about how Facebook handles users' personal data. However, as many as 55 percent of respondents said they would be disappointed if Facebook was deleted.

There have been various, sometimes contradictory, responses to large technology companies, which have invited criticism because they dominate the main economic sectors. At present a number of antitrust investigations of these companies are ongoing in various parts of the world.

About nine out of 10 say they positively perceive the presence of companies like Google, Netflix and Microsoft. Meanwhile, as much as 80 percent have a positive view of Apple, 71 percent of Facebook and 61 percent of Twitter.

The majority of respondents said Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple had a "positive" impact on society, but only 40 percent said the same thing for Facebook.

In the survey, 56 percent of respondents said the government had to break down technology companies if they controlled too much of the economy. However, less than half know that Google has YouTube and Facebook mastering Instagram and WhatsApp.

But the majority say they will be disappointed if Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix or Apple disappear or no longer operate.

Microsoft is trusted by 75 percent of Americans, while Amazon is trusted by 73 percent.

Jeff Bezos Promises $ 10 Billion to Combat Global Warming

The founder of the Amazon giant, Jeff Bezos, said he would contribute $10 billion of his wealth to efforts to curb global warming.

The richest person in the world announced his promise through a post on Instagram.

 "Global warming is the biggest threat to our planet," he wrote.  "I want to work with others to increase efforts to find new ways to counter the adverse effects of climate change. "

Bezos said, a program he called Bezos Earth Fund would start giving grants for that purpose next summer.

Prior to this, a number of billionaires including Microsoft founder Bill Gates, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, and owner of the stock company Tom Steyer, had provided large funds to fight the effects of climate change.

The Amazon has come under fire from its own employees for not working enough on climate change. The Amazon company, which sends billions of packages every year creates huge greenhouse gas emissions because of the large number of airplanes, trucks and cars it uses to deliver these consumer goods to the world.

Last year, Bezos was determined to make the giant retailer carbon neutral by 2040.

Sued by Amazon, US Court Stops Pentagon-Microsoft Cooperation

A federal judge in Washington has stopped, for now, the big contract Siber US Defense Department, prohibits Microsoft Corp. Is working for the Pentagon in cloud computing Initiatives (cloud) JEDI.

The decision was taken while awaiting the resolution of the law filed by its rival,

Last October, Microsoft got a contract from the Pentagon for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) project, which is estimated to be worth US $10 billion for 10 years. The JEDI Project will process and store confidential data in cloud computing to improve American military communications with soldiers on the ground and artificial intelligence to accelerate war planning and combat capabilities.

In November, Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud computing division, filed a law, accusing the Department of Defense of unfairly judging its offer for the contract. Amazon believes the process is influenced by US President Donald Trump's displeasure with Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO and owner of The Washington Post, who regularly accuses Trump of being biased towards him.

Federal Court Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith said the JEDI contract could not continue in force "until further Court orders. " Judge Campbell-Smith's full opinion was sealed.

Earlier this week, Amazon asked the Federal Court to allow them to ask President Trump and Pentagon leaders, including former Defense secretary James Mattis and Defense Secretary Mark Esper about the White House's political interference in awarding the contract.
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