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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

5 Myths about Bitcoin Investing

Up to now, the name Bitcoin continues to be discussed by people in the world. In fact, Bitcoin investment is the most popular investment in the moment. What is Bitcoin? For those of you who don't know it, Bitcoin is a digital currency that applies blockchain technology.

This virtual currency began to emerge in 2009 which was pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto. Similarly to dollars or Rupiah, this currency is only available in the digital world. Bitcoin can be used for a variety of financial transactions, such as purchasing various services, games, and hosting websites. However, for now, the amount that receives the Bitcoin service is still very limited.

How does Bitcoin work?

Essentially, Bitcoin is a digital journal that records who owns Bitcoin. Usually every bank has a journal like this which is used to record how much money the customer has. However, what distinguishes Bitcoin is its form which is a digital journal that is not stored by any agency or parties.

In Bitcoin, digital journals can be known by Bitcoin users. When a user's digital journal is corrupted, you have other backups obtained from other users. No controlling party, all participating in it. 

Because of its abstract form, it often makes people feel reluctant to use Bitcoin. In fact, it arises misleading opinions about Bitcoin. To clear this misunderstanding, here are the lies about Bitcoin that should not be trusted.

1. Purchase Bitcoin at least 1 coin

Currently the value of 1 bitcoin coin say Rp 120 million. Lies that circulate in the community if you want to have one that should buy 1 coin that costs Rp 120 million. Info is wrong great. No need to have Rp120 million money to invest bitcoins. In fact, with Rp 3.3 million only, you can also have it. The value of Bitcoin you have is a capital that you have divided by the price of Bitcoin at the time of purchase

2. Vulnerable hacked alias in-Hack lies

In the community about Bitcoin is its security. Whereas in the system, so far there has never been a case of hackers attacking bitcoin. The one that is prone to hack is the wallet system, that's because users are less secure for their own wallet.

3. Used for Bitcoin criminal activity

It is often used by certain parties in the black market. Given the existence of virtual money is not under the supervision of the government. This is what makes people reluctant to use Bitcoin because it feels that its users are mostly criminal. In fact, not everyone who uses Bitcoin is criminal.

4. How to get luckily the same with gambling

The use of bitcoins that tend to be free makes many people think if this cryptocurrency is used for gambling activities. This is also due to the increase in its value which is quite fantastic when compared to money generally.

In fact, Bitcoin is just the currency as in general, but the amount is quite limited. Therefore, making demand is getting higher which impacts the rising price.

5. Bitcoin Mining is a dangerous act

Creating Bitcon does require a technology device that has a high capability. Because of this, many people think that Bitcoin mining can trigger large electricity use which will harm the environment. Whereas, in reality, the creation of Bitcoins is the same as spending annual electricity needs.

Bitcoin: The new Era of Real Estate Business

As of March 1637, there has been an economic bubble for the first time. Many market analysts then spark the idea of Bitcoin for the first time. Nir Kaissar, a journalist of Bloomberg Gadfly, said bitcoin could cope with the economic bubble because: it is a new, secret, and worth of things that the buyer wants.

Recently a home in Metro Vancouver is throwing the world down because it is included in a list of items that can be purchased with Bitcoins. Her ad appears on the Craigslist Vancouver and Hong Kong real Estate page. The house is sold for 2.099 bitcoins or $5 million Canadian dollars. Apparently, the house is not the only property that can be bought with bitcoins. There is also a 2.000 square metre plot of land sold in southern Manila, the Philippines sold in bitcoins and the property advertisement was loaded by the agent Daniel Andrei Garcia in Lamudi's listing. In Thailand, with 755 BTC, you can also get a luxury villa. 

Nevertheless, homeowners should remain cautious. They must remain vigilant with any form of crime mode although bitcoin cannot be accepted from terrorist organisations, countries that are sanctioned or from anyone involved with a serious offence. Mart Polman, Managing Director of Lamudi Indonesia, said that the community uses a trusted and transparent online real estate portal when it will buy or sell the property.

Indeed, overseas buyers use BTC in an effort to bypass the overseas boundaries of their respective countries. For example, in China investors are unable to go out of state with more than 50.000 USD in Money. With Bitcoin, they can make transactions in one click. The Financial Times reported that 98% of Bitcoin transactions were recently from China.

In addition, there may be a house that today offered for USD 100,000 and can be bought in bitcoins, some months in the future only sold for thousands of bitcoins in the next few months.

In addition, the anonymous currency trait makes Bitcoin impossible for credit checks. However, Bitcoin does not have insurance so when something goes bad, you do not claim anything-papa. That's the reason why black market and scam often use Bitcoins in every transaction.

Bitcoin is now entering the inaugural stage as a currency. The path to go through will still be long and winding, but as many sellers receive bitcoins; These new currencies will be more and more absorbed and change the way in selling or buying real estate.

Get to know Bitcoin, a fantastic value Virtual currency

It appeared the first time in 2009, bitcoin until now remains exist. Although the exchange rate fluctuates and is difficult to predict, the price tends to increase from year to year. The last Bitcoin value skyrocketed, beating the gold value.

The global scale cyber-attack WannaCry has made many people's uproar. In a short time, the news of this ransomware attack becomes viral. People who are accustomed to using computer devices are worried that WannaCry viruses infect their computers.

All files from the computer affected by the WannaCry attack are locked automatically or digitally encrypted. To open it, the victim had to deposit US $300 worth of money into a hacker account that propagated WannaCry. But, it is not really a dollar in the real form requested, but rather in the form of bitcoins.

The name of the bitcoin is also a concern for the incident. Remaining questions of the WannaCry case. Actually, what is Bitcoin? Here's an explanation.

Want to try Bitcoin investment? Note the following facts and risks below

Bitcoin, one of the virtual currency or cryptocurrency that is already traded in various countries, including Indonesia. Even Bitcoin investment is increasingly loved by many people because the price is expected to continue to rise. In order not to misstep, first know the ins and outs of Bitcoin investment.

How does Bitcoin work?

You can already be a billionaire with only a few million rupiah, perhaps a trillionaire if you invest funds up to tens of millions of dollars in a short span of time that is 5 years!

Funny thing is, many people in the United States especially gained tremendous luck from the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a topic that is being hangat-hangatnya in the world lately because of its drastic increase in value only in a short period of time.

Seeing such seductive conditions many people are wondering, should it invest in Bitcoin too? Is it too late to get into Bitcoin investment? Is profit earned can be as good as the profit that someone else has already got?

Before the question was answered, it helps us understand what Bitcoin is and how Bitcoin works.

Know the "Money of the Future" Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Know the "Money of the Future" Cryptocurrency Bitcoin – it's never been suspected that there is an era where people can buy something by using plastic cards. Banks are issuing credit cards as substitutes for "troublesome" banknotes.

Credit card effectiveness has brought a new culture to urban communities who desire instant and indebted "elegance".

Moreover, now this credit card is easily obtained, only with a photocopy of ID CARD and salary slip only. If you are diligent in paying the installments, never late, then you become the "tender target" of credit card marketing to offer products from different banks. Especially with the online shopping credit card becomes easier.
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