Know the "Money of the Future" Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Know the "Money of the Future" Cryptocurrency Bitcoin – it's never been suspected that there is an era where people can buy something by using plastic cards. Banks are issuing credit cards as substitutes for "troublesome" banknotes.

Credit card effectiveness has brought a new culture to urban communities who desire instant and indebted "elegance".

Moreover, now this credit card is easily obtained, only with a photocopy of ID CARD and salary slip only. If you are diligent in paying the installments, never late, then you become the "tender target" of credit card marketing to offer products from different banks. Especially with the online shopping credit card becomes easier.

After the credit card era, it appeared also PayPal era. Actually this "twin brother" of the credit card also because to get an account on this payment gateway requires a credit card verification.

But PayPal can facilitate those who do not have a credit card because it can use the service provider VCC (virtual credit card).

Nowadays there are many merchants who provide facility with PayPal payment to facilitate transactions.

There are even services that sell PayPal disbursement at competitive rates. Similar to Money changer but PayPal version.

The transaction is easy, just transfer the nominal PayPal to be converted to rupiah and later the service provider will transfer to the local bank account a number of its value.

It is quite helpful because until now there are regulatory barriers from banks in Indonesia to melt PayPal.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

It now comes a new currency called Bitcoin, one of the cryptocurrencies. If the rupiah is IDR, US dollar USD, the Bitcoin is coded with BTC.

The cost is not a responsibility, i.e. 1 BTC worth $450. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is a rising digital currency and is the target of global investors.

And as a digital currency, storing Bitcoin is not in a wallet or safe, but in the wallet service where you have to memorize (not forget) the password. If you forget, then the Bitcoin will be forever locked and will not be accessible forever.

Unlike other exchange rates, Bitcoin is very volatile. The price can change rapidly in one day. For example, this morning opened at a price of $450, he can only drop to $420. The night can rise to $480.

The marginal is quite high and very suitable for traders or investors who dare to take risks. If you do not dare to take risks, it is better not to try to mine Bitcoin because the risk of loss is also quite large.

And as additional information, Bitcoin created since 2009 is newly mined 50 percent of the total of 21 million available. Quite tempting, isn't it?

Unfortunately, until now, Bitcoin investment is still not legal in Indonesia. The government itself still has not established whether Bitcoin includes currency or even commodities.

In developed countries such as Amerka, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered as commodities, although in practice it is still used as a tool for the goods.

Can Bitcoin cryptocurrency be a commodity (if considered a commodity) profitable for the world community?

It is predicted that Bitcoin mining is still ongoing and only ended in 2024. Moreover, the cost is continuously increasing despite being very volatile.

For example, when first introduced, the value is only a dozen or dozens of dollars. But now (six to seven years later) its value quintupled more than 100 percent.

If you are interested in mining Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, try with a small capital first. Usually miners use software to mine.  After the rooster, new can try the more expert again.

But if you want to invest "conservatively" with the latest methods, why not try KoinWorks platform?

A platform that brings together businesses with financiers. Unlike Bitcoin which is still new as investment instrument and potential of its future is still not able to be accurately considered, SMES business is clear and measurable.

Although there are certainly also bankrupt businesses in a relatively short period of time, others have succeeded and lasted for decades.

If you intend to invest into "a definite-sure Aja", then try to look for it at KoinWorks, a peer to peer lending platform that can be used as the main reference of investment.

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